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We turn fashion waste into projects that empower youth and women

We are a Danish, creative and not-for-profit organisation.

We create equal opportunities for marginalised youth and women and empower them to take the lead in the design of a better future.
We do so by collaborating with the fashion industry to create less waste – and we work continuously for more sustainable design- and craft practices.
In short we design for social change.
Our focus areas

Non-formal education

We focus particularly on non-formal education through skills development and social entrepreneurship training for youth and women living in poor, rural communities in South Africa. Through the training they learn how to develop and implement sustainable entrepreneurship projects which foster their potential and give them a voice and a future.

Sustainable production and consumption

We work through private sector partnerships to set focus on sustainable production and consumption, and to engage companies and consumers to help spark action on sustainable practices in the fashion and textile industry. 

Women’s empowerment

We believe that girls and women are critical agents of change.
Investing in girls and women is a force multiplier, and can be a powerful catalyst for development. We consider our focus on girls and women to be ‘positive discrimination’.
In essence it is a strategy to maximize the impact of our projects.


Fighting Fashion Waste

South African Youth Leaders

Design for food relief in South Africa

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We are a volunteer run not-for-profit organisation and we depend on contributions from private people.
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