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We have a new Name, Logo and Website!

We have been very busy the last few months and we are so excited to share this blogpost with all of you. Some of you might have heard a few whispers through the grapewine, and now it’s official:
We have changed our name to Designers without Borders DK.


We do not only have a new name but also a new logo and a new visual identity.
We were so lucky to be able to work with Karl and Ida from kandi.co.za, a creative design agency based in Cape Town.
They are the design duo behind our new logo, visual identity and website layout – and we are beyond grateful that they were willing to donate their amazing skills and time to help us make this happen!

We changed names from "Nordic Designers Aid" to "Designers Without Borders"
Old logo of Nordic Designers Aid shifting to new logo of Designers Without Borders
So why have we changed our name?
We have changed our name from “Nordic Designers Aid” to “Designers without Borders DK” and in Danish “Designere uden Grænser” (our Danish website will launch soon!).
Our previous name symbolised our collaboration with Nordic designers as well as our mission to support and empower youth and women living in poverty.
Our collaborations and mission have not changed, but we feel that our new name better depict who we are and what we stand for.


Design Thinking and collaborations with Danish designers
First of all, our name change symbolises our use of design thinking as a method to develop the mental tools needed to activate positive change, as well as our focus on sustainable design. Design thinking is in its core creative problem solving. Problems are often complex and messy and the solutions to them are rarely one-ended and to solve them one needs to be creative and have the courage to think out of the box.
Our new name also tells the story of our collaboration with designers who donate their overproduction to us.

Without Borders
We live in a globalized world where our actions or inactions will have an impact on people living thousands of kilometers away. We believe that by working together cross borders, cross communities and from all corners of society we begin to see and understand problems in new ways that might bring out better solutions for all.
In our mutually interdependent world it is important that people from different backgrounds connect and work together to make real change. Not just across country borders but also across the non-physical borders dividing our societies.

Moving away from “aid”
Finally, it has become important to communicate that today our focus is on “development” rather than on “aid”.
Aid provides instant and short-term relief to protect victims after a crisis or disaster through emergency resources that can meet their most immediate needs.
Our focus is on long term development and to respond to ongoing structural issues, particularly systemic poverty or inequality that stands in the way of economic and social development. When you work more long term it also becomes possible to involve the target group in finding the right solutions.

We look forward to continue our work under our new name and incredibly cool logo and website – and we hope you’ll still follow us on our journey.

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Our Journey:

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A timeline with the most important events in the time being for "Designers Without Borders"