Youth Leader starts project to remove trash and garbage

Lurvine, one of the participants in our Young Leaders program, took the initiative to make use of what she has learned and started her own Game Changer project when schools were closed. She had for a long time noticed piles of garbage lying in front of her parents’ house and on the street between the houses where she lives.
The garbage and waste in the small town contaminates the local streams and when the temperature rises above 35 degrees it begins to rot and becomes a health hazard.

She gathered a group of children and peers from her neighborhood, and it was not long before a local “task force” armed with large plastic bags was in the process of collecting waste.

Lurvine took the initiative to do something about a problem that affects not only her but also the other children and people living in her community. It is their home, their nature, and their water. She dreams of continuing with the project in the future and to help create awareness about why we shouldn’t throw waste in nature and on the streets.